Join us on our journey to address new unmet needs for cancer patients

Our culture

We thrive on addressing unmet medical needs by tackling cancers with poor prognosis to provide new options for patients

  • Driven by cutting-edge science
  • Ambitious and courageous
  • Respectful, collaborative & multicultural

Hear from our team

Join us!

Tessellate BIO has laboratories at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst in the UK and offices in the Netherlands.

Do you have something else to offer us? Don’t hesitate to send us your CV and cover letter. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Keen to combat cancer, developing first-in-class medicines with cutting-edge technologies?
  • Love using the latest scientific research to solve challenging problems?
  • Excited to work in a multicultural, multidisciplinary team?

We have no open vacancies at the moment.

Would you like to know more?

Gooimeer 2-35 | 1411 DC Naarden | The_Netherlands
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